Facing Facts

Years ago, I was on stress handling course that was run by the Counselling Service at the Polytechnic I attended (1989-ish). I wrote this around that time:

The hardest fact that I have ever had to face is that I spend most of my time running away from reality

I find that, even though I have claimed that, I am seeking truth, what I am actually doing is performing a delicate balancing act.

On one hand, I have to keep up the pretence of genuine seeking; whilst on the other [I find myself] having to know just enough about reality to make damn sure I never find it.

Curiously, this still resonates with me.

I am sure that there is no connection, but on the same piece of paper where I found this, I find someone has been kind enough to have written the ISBN numbers of two books:

  1. “Theatre of the Mind” by Henry K Skolimowski, £6.30, paperback, Theosophical Publishers, ISBN 0835605884.
  2. “Theatre of the Mind” by Joyce McDougall, £9.95, paperback, Free Assn Books, ISBN 0946960704.

I have never read either of these books. I wonder what they are about? I was obviously interested at the time – but not interested enough to pursue either publication.


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