Connections with God

The ways that humans relate to each other…

  • Father-Son
  • Friend-Friend
  • Master-Servant
  • Husband-Wife
  • Brother-Brother

…are dim and distant echos of the way that God related to God within the Trinity.

But, each of these is also a facet of the relationship that humans can enjoy with God.

For, the partnership that Jesus had with the Father models the kind of partnership that I am intended to have with God.

When I have a good connection with God, He is able to develop my character.

As my character develops, so my interactions with others (and myself) will change. Gradually, my relationships with other people will echo the one that God already has with those same people.

People who seek the characteristics of God (honesty, compassion etc.), will be drawn to those who exhibit those characteristics. People who primarily seek status, pleasure etc. will disdain those who seek Godly character.

My human interactions are based, then, on my interaction with God. They will either immitate God or mock Him.

So, our human interactions are intended to express God’s character, and enhance his reputation.

An action plan:

  • Seek a better relationship with God
  • Allow Him to change me
  • Allow my relationships with other to speak of God

Easy to write…

I once heard that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the relationship the God has with Jesus. I may be mis-quoting, because I don’t understand what this means, nor can I begin to know if this is actually true. I am certain, however, that the Holy Spirit and quality of my relationships are deeply intertwined.


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