Goal Setting

When I set goals they will be:

  1. Real: They will be real goals, not just wishes.
  2. Realistic: They will be achievable.
  3. Consistent: They will not contradict each other.
  4. Written: They will be written down.
  5. Positive: “I will”, not “I will not”.
  6. Precise: They will be detailed rather than vague.
  7. Important: They will focus on what really matters.
  8. Prioritised: They will be ranked according to how important they are.
  9. Beneficial: Their outcomes will be of value.
  10. Activities: They will focus on actions, not outcomes.
  11. Measurable: I will know when they have been achieved.

I am not sure that I am comfortable with setting a date for achieving goals (I don’t like failure) so I will consider leaving that off for now.


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