The Red Rover, West Wellow

redroverwestwellow.jpgYesterday evening, my wife and son and I were travelling with friends on the A36. We stopped at the Red Rover in West Wellow for our evening meal.

The establishment was child friendly with clean toilets and good baby change facilities. The food was nothing special, but was good value for money. The staff were helpful and the atmosphere convivial. Service was swift, and there was no problem with seating and serving a minibus of 11 people on a Saturday night. When everyone else’s food arrived, my own meal appeared to have been forgotten, but the problem was soon noticed and rectified quickly with appropriate apologies.

There was one other problem. As my wife was tucking into her ham and eggs, she was amazed to discover a piece of foiled paper in her meal. It turned out that two of those small packets of butter had found their way under the food! As you can imagine, the food was saturated in butter.

When the waitress came to ask us if everything was alright, my wife complained, politely but firmly. To her credit, the waitress offered to replace the food and to speak to the chef. My wife refused: she explained (with good reason) that we were in rather a hurry and that we could not wait for the problem to be dealt with in that way. My wife suggested that she eat what she could, but that we could be offered something off our bill instead. After consulting with the landlady, we were refunded the price of my wife’s meal.

We think that this is excellent customer service. We would recommend Red Rover, and would happily stop there again in the future.


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