Work Goals

A list of one-off goals for things I intend to achieve at work, and the advantages of achieving these things. I will attempt to keep this post up to date with my achievements.

  • My desk will be tidy and clean.
    • More comfortable working environment.
    • Looks better to others.
    • Able to find the things I need.

Achieved Aug 2007, but ongoing battle.

  • I will return the borrowed items in my desk drawer.
    • More space.
    • Less guilt.
    • Please lender.

Achieved Feb 2008.

  • I will catch up with my time sheets.
    • Boss happy.
    • Know what leave I have available.

Achieved Jan 2008.

  • I will clear the recycling from under my desk.
    • More leg room.
    • Work area looks better.
    • More recycling actually done.

Achieved Nov 2008.


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