Telephone Preference Service: Complaining

What happens when you need to complain about the complaints service?

I signed up for the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) a very long time ago, so I really shouldn’t get cold calls any more. The other day, however, I received a call from a machine, asking me to dial a freephone number because someone had some good news for me. I called the number to gather as much info as possible about the calling company (they wanted me to employ their services to recover bank charges – something I am quite capable of doing myself if needs be). Then I filled in the on-line complaints form on the TPS web site.

I had assumed that this would kick off an investigation against the company that called. Clearly, I was mistaken

A couple of weeks later I received a letter from the TPS which stated that according to the regulations, “…marketers who leave recorded phone messages must obtain prior consent of the subscriber before they can make that call…”, and that if I had received such a call, I was entitled to complain. There was a complaint form enclosed. At the top of the form, it suggested that, “The fastest way to make a complaint is via the TPS website”. The paper form asked for exactly the same information that I had entered on the TPS web site.

So, if I followed this letters advice, I would use the form on the TPS website to make a complaint. Presumably, a couple of weeks later, I would then receive another letter similar to the last one. And if I followed the advice in that letter, I would use the TPS website to…

Honestly: at the bottom of the letter it said, “I trust the above is satisfactory…”!

Well, no. Not really.

Your comments are welcome.


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