Definition: Entropy

800px-shoelaces_20050719_001.jpgEntropy is the reasons that shoelaces to spontaneously undo themselves, trip you up and make you fall flat on your face.

Entropy is also the reason that shoelaces never do themselves back up again.

Apparently, small boys have partial immunity to entropy: they are quite capable of charging about with undone sholelaces all afternoon whilst managing to remain perfectly upright.

It should be noted that, even for small boys, the Law of Conservation of Entropy are maintained, for carnage and destruction invariably follows in the wake of said small boy’s passing.

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8 Responses to Definition: Entropy

  1. Isaac Grünewald says:

    Among you stands one you do not know. He is the one who comes after me, the thongs of whose sandals do not spontaneously undo themselves. Even if they did, they would do themselves back up again. I would not neccesarily say that I wasn´t worthy of doing them back up again, all I am saying is: It would not be nessesary.
    But John 26 NIV doesn´t talk about doing or doing back up again the thongs. It talks about untieing them (at will). Thus I cannot see the link between the John 26 NIV-quote and the above shoelace-related definition of entropy, which is clearly perfect in every way.
    Since everything is so perfect and brilliant until the bible-quote, I would like to understand the link to the bible-quote also. Can I get any help here?

  2. kramii says:

    Many thanks for your comments. It was very generous of you to suggest that there was anything “perfect and brilliant” about this post. The truth is, you have caught me out. The quote really was not related to the definition. I had considered a longer version of the definition, but it did not really work out. The quote was left over part of this mis-guided expansion effort.
    A gentleman called Antoine de Saint-Exuper once said, “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”. In this case, both you and he are quite right. I will delete the quote from the original post, but I will leave these comments as testimony to my error.
    By the way, I really did enjoy your reinterpretation of the Bible quotation!
    So, again: thank you very much for your feedback.

  3. Isaac Grünewald says:

    I had made the wrong cause of study. I was not able to make money. It is very sad, but this is how it was.
    At Christmas I told my son, who was very hungry after everything that children want:
    “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”
    Although it is over 25 years ago, his screams are still the only thing I ever hear. Anywhere and anytime.

  4. kramii says:


    I am sorry to have brought up such painful memories for you. To do so was not my intention.

    I pray that you will find peace.

  5. Isaac Grünewald says:

    Don´t be sorry, implementing second law wisdom in their own life is just not a game for the younger. Imagine this major sentence in the physics-books with the addition: This doesn´t apply for young people.
    But physics-teachers are neither that intelligent nor that sympatic people.
    Having studied thermodynamics and Christian theology gave me no abilities at all in the world. I don´t mind being reminded about it at all, especially not by one of the very few people like yourself, who knows about the point of that study. What it has contributed with to my family, is just something that is very important to mention for the sake of truth, as opposed to the sake of Jesus Christ.

  6. kramii says:


    I appreciate your honesty.

  7. Isaac Grünewald says:

    You also got it.
    It is, however, not the one whose honesty is appreciated who wins anything in the world.
    It is the one whose myths are appreciated, who gets everything, including everything.

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