Visual Studio Fonts and Colors

June 5, 2008

Some developers are really rather fussy about the way their code looks in the IDE. Instead of getting on with the job, they spend a lot of time messing about to get their environment just-so.

It looks as though I am in good company, then. Here is a sceenshot of my current Font and Color settings in Visual Studio 2005:

Features of the Scheme:

  • Dark background – easier on the eye than the default white.
  • Low contrast – The subdued colors on the dark background are easy to read, but easy on the eye. The background isn’t actually black, but very dark green. This helps keep contrast from being too harsh.
  • Retro – COBOL programmers might like it!
  • Custom font– I prefer Consolas over the default one. It can be downloaded from the Microsoft site if you don’t have it installed already.
  • Incomplete – I am still developing the theme, and have only completed the areas that I commonly use.
  • Other developers hate it– My colleagues like the default. It does discourage people from looking over my shoulder – not that anyone would care to do so anyway.

Unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow me to upload the .vsssettings file. But if you reallywant this color scheme, you can copy the following XML and save it with a .vsssettings extension:

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