Moments of Alive in my Life

May 20, 2008

The following are specific examples of ‘come alive’ times in my life:

  1. Key-holding in a soup kitchen.
  2. The 3-strong IT team of which I was a member was rated highest in my organisation, and my organisation was rated best of its kind in the UK.
  3. On my Psychology degree course, doing statistical and conceptual analysis of results following practical work.
  4. Making obstacle courses for other children.
  5. Building a mechanism to configure PCs in a hot-desking environment.
  6. Building with Lego.
  7. Explaining aspects of object oriented programming to colleagues.
  8. Teaching a boy the difference between odd numbers and even numbers.
  9. Inspiring a nursery class to use construction toys after I built rockets and satellites myself.
  10. Reading stories to classes, my wife, my son.
  11. Figuring out how stage magic is done.
  12. Leading other children to explore the woods by my senior school.
  13. Handling several crises as best man to a friend.
  14. Writing stories.
  15. Solving Rubik’s-type puzzles.
  16. Helping my wife with her dissertation.
  17. Analysing a housing rents system.
  18. Figuring out and then explaining the principles of a counselling technique.
  19. Encouraging small children to act out the story of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  20. Seeing the bigger picture in a meeting about organisational change, where everyone else was concerned with just their own areas of work.
  21. Creating a welcome screen that is displayed before PCs were logged in.

Nerd Score

May 4, 2007

I am nerdier than 92% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!Just 92% nerd!

I am ashamed. Very ashamed.

I really must get out less.

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