Customer Service Map

June 29, 2007

Back in 2000 I was involved in the early stages of web site design for a local government department. At the time, there were few similar sites in existence. We needed to find some way to determine exactly what we would present on the site, and the structure of the site.

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Cost of Quality vs Low Customer Confidence

June 28, 2007

I believe in offering excellent service to my customes.

As an IT Professional, this means that I believe that the IT department has a responsibility to provide an excellent service to computer users. The trouble is, ‘excellent’ means that all the niggly little problems with applications need to resolved quickly, effectivey, and once-and-for all.

Unfortunately, this often appears to be an expensive proposition. It can be time-consuming to fix every little thing, and people’s time can be relatively expensive compared to the immediate benefits of fixing every silly little problem. It is, therefore, very tempting to provide good service – or even mediocre service – instead of excellent service.

I believe that this is wrong. All wrong.

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Good User Interface Design: Entirely Subjective?

June 25, 2007

When people gather to discuss user interface design, there always seems to be someone who says that good user interface design is entirely subjective.

Let’s lay this myth to rest once and for all.

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