BBC Micro High Scores!

Pengo 46330

Labyrinth 63870

Monsters 10620

Snapper 41820

Air Lift 70460

Zalaga 59490

Pole Position 56600

Nemesis 16290

Space Eagles 11880

Starship Command 889

Chucky Egg 235330

Snake (fast) 1016

Planetoid 115400

Mr EE 103100

2 Responses to BBC Micro High Scores!

  1. jonnyh says:

    Good stuff Mark! There were some great games on the BBC. On ebay someone is selling newly designed upgrades for BBC to run games off SD cards, so you could pull off disk images off the internet, and rather than using emulation, you play the games how they are meant to be on 25+ year old hardware and enjoy the smell of ancient electronics warming up once more!

    Also you can play the classic game Repton through your browser

    Jon H

  2. kramii says:

    Jon H:

    Thanks for the link. Repton was one of the best!

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