Chistmas 2009

Pre-Christmas Highlights

  • JB’s school nativity – he was a camel
  • JB’s Church nativity – as a shepherd
  • Carols by Candlelight – with fake (non-alcoholic) mulled wine and mince pies

Festive highlights

I took my little family to my Mum’s in Cardiff over Xmas. I’m back at work, but they’re still there. Enjoying themselves. Without me.

I suppose I’ll pop back to fetch them this weekend…

  • Good food
  • TV (Dr Who, Cranford)
  • Beer and Chocolate in the evening
  • Lots of new toys. I particularly like the Lego and Star Wars gear. They’re my son’s, but he lets me play with them
  • Not bothering to get dressed until after lunch


I drew the short straw, working the 3 days between Xmas and New Year. I can’t complain – I can’t remember the last time I worked over the festive days. Not that I’m doing much work now, what with several of the servers being down…


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