Interview Feedback

Having secured my demotion 😉 I asked some of the interview pannel to provide feedback on my presentation / interview.

Persentation Strategy and Style

  • A risky strategy, but it worked – ND
  • Liked it – ND
  • Personally enjoyed it – MD
  • Concerned that others may have found its tone too jokey, inappropriate or too long – MD
  • Lecturing style (fine) – MD
  • The typefaces were harder to read for someone with poorer eyesight – JJ


  • Good speed, compusure, passion and knowledge – MD
  • Enthusiastic – MD
  • Came across well – JJ

Business Content

  • Too much emphasis on past glories rather than what I will do for business in future – MD
  • Too little emphais on how my skills relate to the business vision / strategy – MD
  • Too little focus on fundamental business benefits – delivery cost, time, qualities – MD

Technical Content

  • Confident – JJ
  • Obvious proficiency – JJ
  • Too much technical detail – MD

People Content

  • Some concern about some of the attidudes I expressed through my use of language. “Don’t have time for Muppets” was memorable and unhelpful – JJ

Advice for the Future

  • Consider the audience – what do they want to hear? What is their emphasis? – MD
  • Emphasise what I will actually do for the department, and the benefits the department will receive – MD
  • Shorter answers are better – people can always ask. Be brief, but provide oportunites for questions – MD
  • Attitude in the build up to the interview is important. It is difficult to be positive in an interview if you’ve been negative about the process – JJ

Thanks for the feedback!


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