Professional Profile 2009

I am a business solutions provider, focused on providing robust information services that add value to my client’s business. I believe that good technical solutions can empower both front-line and support personnel to focus on delivering their objectives rather than performing tedious information management tasks. As a result of my services, my customers are able to realize the benefits of IT in providing a more efficient service to their own clients.

I am able to build good working relationships with clients, and have excellent communication skills. Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work closely with individuals from a variety of Local Government business areas. (My background is in education, and I have worked within Environment and Public Protection, Housing and for other services). This experience has demonstrated my flexibility in adapting to a diversity of working environments, each with its own culture, needs and expectations). Because I naturally take an interest in my customer’s business objectives and frame of reference, I am sensitive to the challenges and benefits that are associated with delivering information solutions into very different operational units. 

I am a proficient, tenacious and creative problem solver. I am deeply analytical, able to tease out complex issues. I take a reasoned, logical approach to problems, am methodical, and am able to sustain intense effort on a project. As an original and creative thinker, I am able to develop novel plans and solutions. I frequently present innovative ideas that nobody else has considered. I enjoy exploring alternatives, and welcome fresh ideas. This often encourages others to share their own thoughts and ideas, leading to better outcomes than would otherwise have been possible.

I have a passion for continuous improvement, desiring to make the best of my own capability and to support the growth of others. I view education as an ongoing activity, and have an insatiable appetite for learning. With openness to new ways of thinking, I take time to gather information and grasp new ideas, typically delve deeply into subjects that interest me. I am adept at taking my learning and then applying it to the practical challenges of my role.

I have a broad technical background, having had involvement in the full spectrum of information service provision. As a result, I am able to work efficiently with technical specialists from other disciplines. More recently, I have specialized in analysis and programming, and am very capable in this capacity. Nevertheless, I do not view myself as ‘just’ an Analyst Programmer, but as a solutions provider who brings a particular set of skills and responsibilities to the table.

I am self-motivated, and able to fulfill my role with little supervision. As a team player, I value the contribution of others, particularly where this lies outside my own sphere of expertise.

Currently, I aspire to additional responsibility within the service, and to develop my capacity for leadership. Whatever role I adopt in the future, I will continue to strive for excellence in all that I do, to support the aims of the Information Service, and to make a valuable contribution to our client’s business.


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