Useful child-speak:

  • Barger-Coo: Barbeque
  • Bixit: Biscuit
  • Blank: Naked (e.g. blank feet = bare feet)
  • Booblies: Blue Berries
  • Eleventy Hundred: A Favourite Number
  • Granny Pommit: Pommy Grannit
  • Harbest Vegetable: Harvest Festival
  • Mixit: Music
  • Tainainer: Container
  • Dee Bee: DVD, TV or CD
  • Hole: Hall
  • Lines: Sugar Strands
  • Plud: Please (the plu-word)
  • Police Whacker: Truncheon
  • Poota: Computer
  • Shoulder: Soldier

2 Responses to JB-isms

  1. susan says:

    cute! my 5 year old would add…tellybutton (belly button) and ‘topping’ (anything that goes on top eg rash shirt over swimshorts…do i really need a topping today?)

  2. kramii says:

    @susan: Brilliant! When they say things like that, you can’t help but smile!

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