Running Diary


This post is intended to keep a record of my running.

Week beginning 9th March

  • I was somewhat unwell this week, so did not run.

2009/03/05 AM 35 Minutes (Day 6)

  • Chose a different (and more interesting) route.
  • Got (slightly) lost! Apparently, there are still places within 15 minutes of home that I don’t know very well.

2009/02/26 AM 30 Minutes (Day 5)

  • My second run this week!
  • About half way in, I really didn’t want to continue, but I kept going anyway. A victory in itself.
  • It really didn’t help that I couldn’t find my headphones, so went without music. Apparently, the music matters.

2009/02/24 AM 30 Minutes (Day 4)

  • Warmed up by walking quickly to the end of the road.
  • Walked / ran alternate lampposts. Pacing was about right.
  • I almost stopped hating the whole experience at one point. Definite progress!
  • The mornings are getting lighter, so people could actually see me. I may need to buy some proper running gear.
  • The better light meant that looming dogs are less likely to be a problem (but looming people still can be).
  • 4 more weeks to achieving GOAL 1.

2009/02/19 AM 30 Minutes (Day 3)

  • Started slowly – much better than previous effort.
  • Avoided park – no problems with dogs.
  • About 10 minutes in started walking / running between alternate lampposts. This meant that I did much more running than previous attempts.
  • Some method to measure running distance would be useful.
  • Did not loathe the experience quite as much as previously.
  • Set goal 1.


Run at least once a week for the next 5 weeks. Daily reward = chocolate. Goal reward = purchase of some running gear.


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