Domestic Abuse and Men

I have just read that Portsmouth Domestic Violence and Abuse Forum will be holding an event in Portsmouth Guildhall Square on May 12. Apparently,

The event will represent the women who lose their lives to domestic abuse every year.

However but events like this should be outlawed.


Let me start by saying that all forms of domestic abuse is unaccpetable, and that I welcome any initiative that genuinely supports the victims of such abuse.

However, this event will further marginalise many of the victims of domestic violence; the very group that already finds it hardest to speak out about the abuse that they suffer.

I am talking abour the men who are abused.

According to the BBC, almost a fifth of of the victims of domestic abuse are male.

Any form of sexual discrimination is itself abusive. At face value, therefore, this event endorses abuse against the very people who are in most need of support


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