I am a World Class Athlete

…in the making.

The truth is, I have never looked after myself properly. I eat fairly well (my wife is an amazing cook, and she does her best to make mea eat healthily), but I never excercise.


I had bad experience upon bad experience of sports as a child. I was never co-ordinated, and this attracted a lot of mockery from my so-called friends. (In fairness, none of us were very mature back then).

I did do a lot of walking at one time, but I do very little now. These days, most of our “going for a walk” outings end up as “sitting and drinking coffee” outings.

Then, for a couple of years I did martial arts. I enjoyed that, but the pressures of a young family put an end to my Karate days.

It doesn’t help that I earn my living as an IT geek, so I sit around all day.

It doesn’t help that most of the activities that I really enjoy are sedentary.


I have engaged the services of a ‘personal trainer’ (a friend who knows a lot about fitness and what-not).

I have even been for a run. Actually, it was a walk interspersed with somewhat slower walking – but I have to start somewhere.

This is the Day

I am 40.

My father died when he was 69.

He never looked after himself properly, either.

It is time for a change.


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