WM6 with Office 2000: Solved

The Problem

As I wrote earlier, I recently upgraded my Orange M3100 from WM5 to WM6. The problem is that I need to sync with Outlook 2000 on my PC at work, but my WM6 will not syncronize with Outlook 2000 and earlier.

More Details

The real issue here is ActiveSync 4.5. WM6 refuses to connect to a PC using any version of ActiveSync 4.5 (I tried 4.2. True to the documentation, it didn’t work). ActiveSync 4.5 requires Windows XP, and will not work with Outlook 2000 and earler. Fortunately for me, my work PC has Windows XP. Unfortunately, however, it still has Outlook 2000, and my employer has no plans to upgrade (I know, I know, but I really love my job, so…).

Microsoft Office Outlook 2000 is not supported by ActiveSync 4.5

Now, I had come to rely upon my work, home and phone-based diaries being syncronized, so it looked as though I might need to downgrade to WM5 once more. 😦

Google Knows Everything

Thankfully, Google is my friend. I read somewhere that it might be possible to get ActiveSync 4.5 to work with Outlook 2000. Apparently, there was a Beta version that had Outlook 2000 support. Better still, someone somewhere reported that, if you previously had an earlier version of ActiveSync installed, then Outlook 2000 support would continue to work in ActiveSync 4.5. I must admit I was doubtful, but had little to loose.

The Solution

I already had ActiveSync 4.2 installed, so installed 4.5 over the top. I was amazed to find that my WM6 phone now sync’s perfectly well with my Outlook 2000 installation.


I honestly have no idea if this will work for anyone else, but it works for me. I am sorry, but I dare not experiment with my current set-up to see if I can reproduce this happy state of affairs. All I can do is relate what I have done, and wish you the very best of luck if you try this at home.


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