Orange M3100 (HTC TYTN) 2GB Expansion Limit: Solved

The Problem

I wanted to use my Orange M3100 phone as an MP3 player. Fortunately, the phone has a slot for expanding its memory using MiniSD memory card. Unfortunately, the maximum memory supported by the device is 2GB. For a dedicated MP3 player, this might be passable. For a multi-function device with lots of software installed, this soon became a serious limitation.

It turns out that the memory limitation on the M3100 is not a result of the hardware, but of the drivers in WM5. Apparently, they only support standard MiniSD cards rather than the larger capacity MiniSDSH cards that come in sizes over 2GB.

The Solution

Now, the Orange M3100 is a re-branded HTC TYTN (sometimes known as an HTC Hermes). Fortunately, there are some clever folk out there who have figured out how to upgrade the phone to WM6.

Having upgraded the phone, I was able to install an 8GB card. I bought mine from, which was the cheapest supplier I could find at the time of writing. The card works perfectly.


  • Upgrading the phone to WM6 will invalidate your warranty.
  • The upgrade process wipes everything out of the phone’s memory. A backup won’t put it all back properly (because of differences in the registry etc.). You’ll have to reinstall.
  • If the upgrade goes wrong, it could render your phone useless.
  • Figuring out the upgrade process is not that hard, but is not trivial, either.
  • The full functionality of the phone may not be retained after the upgrade.

The main issue I had following my upgrade was that the SMS counter and missed calls counters no longer functioned correctly with my Orange SIM card. I was able to find a patch to re-enabled these functions to some extent, but they still don’t really work quite as they should.


Otherwise, I am delighted by the upgrade. In addition to the larger memory capacity, a number of instabilities in WM5 have been corrected. Indeed, I used to find that my phone needed re-booting at least daily. Now it needs a restart once-a-week at most.


2 Responses to Orange M3100 (HTC TYTN) 2GB Expansion Limit: Solved

  1. Ed R says:

    Please could you go in to more detail about what you did to upgrade to WM6? As you know, I have this phone, and would like to upgrade too.

  2. kramii says:


    I thought you might ask…

    There is a lot of information about this phone on this site, including guides to upgrading (and unlocking):

    If you have any specific questions, please let me know and I’ll try to help.

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