Finding your Sweet Spot

With a group of friends I have been studying Max Lucado’s book, “Cure for the Common Life”. Lucado suggests that our “sweet-spot” activities will have things in common with each other. If we look back at things we have done in the past that made us really “come alive”, we can glean clues as to the kinds of activities that we are made to pursue as our life’s purpose.

The suggest the following activity to help find your “Sweet Spot”:

  1. Write down a list of times when you were in your sweet spot in the past.
  2. For each item in the list, accurately identify:
    1. What you did
    2. How you went about it
    3. What was it that gave you the buzz-factor?
  3. From this list, ask people to help you identify the things that the activities had in common.

For example, here are 3 of my sweet-spot moments:

WHAT: I did a great job as best man at FM’s wedding.

HOW: I managed numerous problems as they arose and ensured that the day ran smoothly.

BUZZ-FACTOR: Turned a potential crisis into a smooth-running event.

WHAT: As a trainee teacher, I taught a child the difference between odd and even numbers.

HOW: Working one-to-one, I suggested removing pens from a box in pairs. If there was one left at the end, the number of pens was odd. If there were none left, the number of pens was even.

BUZZ-FACTOR: Found a simple way to communicate something that the child found difficult to understand. Later in the day, the child passed me in the corridor and gave me a warm, “Thank you Mr. XXX”.

WHAT: Figured out Rubik’s clock.

HOW: Transferred the principles I have learned from other similar puzzles.

BUZZ-FACTOR: Brought order to the puzzle. Solved a difficult mental problem.

The characteristics that the group helped me to identify were:

  • I am a problem solver
  • I like to bring order out of chaos, clarity out of confusion
  • I enjoy explaining things – especially how cleaver I am

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