Style: Belts

Basic Types

  • Formal – Thumb-width, shiny.
  • Informal – Wider, not shiny.

When to Wear

  • Whenever your trousers have belt-loops.
  • Never with athletics shoes.


  • Look at your shoes.
  • Match the colour of your belt with the colour of your shoes.
  • Match (or complement) the material of your shoes.
  • With a suit, always wear a formal belt (to go with your smart, shiny shoes).
  • With casual clothes, always wear an informal belt (to go with your shoes).


  • Most belts have 5 holes, but however many holes your belt has, it should fasten in the middle hole.
  • Generally, the belt you need is 1 size larger than your trouser size.


  • Don’t leave in trousers overnight – this can distort the shape of both belt and trousers.
  • Hang up out of direct sunlight.

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