Notes on Fighting

Here are some notes I made for some creative writing. They were intended to represent the philosophy of a warrior in the story. They are not intended to represent my views, nor to be taken seriously.

There are 2 kinds of fighter:

  1. Those who believe that they can win, and gain from winning.
  2. Those who are desparate, and who have nothing more to loose.

The first will attack, but their attack can be repelled. The second will not attack, but will stop at nothing to defend themeselves.

Do not seek to overcome your enemy, for in so-doing you may make your enemy desparate. In this condition, he has no choice but to win, or die in the attempt. A desparate man makes a formidable enemy. It is better to embrace your oponent, and so subdue him.

If you are to to defeat an enemy, it is not necessary to defeat his body, but to defeat his mind. You must make him believe that he cannot win, or that he will not gain by doing so. You must drain his enthusiasm for battle.

If you are caught up in a fight, seek not to intensify the battle, but to difuse it. For as the fight escalates, so the losses of both sides will increase.

The strategic use of technique will always overcome strength.

Your movements should not be demonstrative, but small and focused. This will keep you from tiring quickly.

Master your breathing, for by so doing you will regulate your entire being.

Fear is the only true enemy.

We begin with the simple techniques, and we continue with them. Simple techniques arethe foundation and the keystone. They are the easiest to learn, but the hardest to master.

A single reed is weak, but when reeds are bound together they are strong. Your whole self – body, mind and spirit – must be in harmony.


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