Focus, Influence and Change

We all want to change the world, but where to start?

By targetting the areas of life where I have most influence, I will be able to have greatest effect. So, it makes sense to focus on changing the things where I have most influence. 

I have more control over myself than over others; so my ability to influence my world begins within me and works outwards. I start with my inner world, and work outwards.

At home, for example:

  • My inner world (motivation, ideas, emotions)
  • My outer world (my appearence, my stuff)
  • My family
  • My close friends
  • My other friends
  • The groups that I belong to
  • People I do business with
  • Strangers
  • etc.

Or at work:

  • My inner world (my motivation, my ideas, my emotions)
  • My outer world (my appearence, my workspace, my work)
  • My team (through building relationships, offering support, making suggestions)
  • My department
  • My organisation
  • My city
  • My country
  • The world

So, mastery of the inner world should be a significant aspect of my life’s work. How, for example, can I expect spread peace between others if I am not at peace within myself?

Unfortunately, self-mastery is not easily achieved. Nevertheless, it is a worthy aspiration, and should form the heart of my strategy for brining about change in any other aspect of life.


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