Lean Living: Managing Life The Kaizen Way

When I first read about Lean programming techniques, it occured to me that it should be possible to apply Lean principles to managing other areas – even one’s life.

The main aim of Lean Living is continuous improvement of ones lifestyle through proactively managing ones life, eliminating anything that fails to maximise one’s potential. It embraces activities that bring about:

  • Elimination of waste.
  • Orderliness.
  • Discipline.

To embrace Lean Living, one would have to apply the principles to every area of life: internal and external. I am convinced that ordering the inner world is vital to bringing order to the outer world. We begin with a quiet Spirit, a clear and focused Mind, calm Emotions and a health Body. We progress to an ordered Desk, clean shoes, a funcional filing system, a health bank-balance, a well-ordered home. We develop goals, and eliminate actions which do not invest in our ability to achieve those goals. We invest in ourselves and our immediate world and the world beyond ourselves.

If I ever write a book on the subject, it could be called something like, “Lean Living: Managing Life The Kaizen Way”. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


4 Responses to Lean Living: Managing Life The Kaizen Way

  1. Geolly says:

    I am not sure how genuine you are intending your comment to be, however…

    I am employed as a lean-manufacturing engineer and I strongly agree with your premise of managing one’s life through lean philosophy.

    Very interesting.


    • Daryl says:

      Gelooy and Kramii,

      In about one month I am leading a session at my company in which we are going to discuss ways we can apply Lean concepts to everyday life! We are excited about doing this, and see the potential for something bigger!

  2. kramii says:


    Thanks for your comment. It is interesting to hear from someone who really understands this stuff – not just intellectually, but from personal experience.

    I doubt that I will ever write the book, but you’re welcome to reference this Blog as your inspiration if you ever write it yourself 🙂

    In my sporadic way, I do try to apply a little of this philosophy to my life. But I have a very long way to travel, and a lot of distractions on the way.

    All the best.

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