Coughs and Sneezes: Advice from my Employer

sneezes.jpgToday, my employer published some helpful advice on preventing coughs and sneezes.

Apparently (and I quote):

There are ways to prevent the spread of coughs and colds, that don’t involve old wives tales such as chewing on a hawthorn branch while staring at a full moon.

Amazing! I didn’t know!

My employer advises:

  • always carry tissues
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze
  • use disposable tissues and throw them in a bin afterwards
  • clean your hands regularly – especially after coughing and sneezing

So, there you go! 

But wait! There’s more:

Posters will be circulated round all council buildings reminding people of the simple steps to take to prevent coughs and sneezes.

I can hardly contain myself.

Perhaps they’ll do one on post-toilet hygeine, too. Hopefully, there will be diagrams.


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