How Do I Get Paid More?

Over at Code Project, someone asked, “How Do I Get Paid More?“.

I found the discussion interesting.

Gary Kirkham wrote:

The general rule is that you get paid more by being worth more.

Christopher Duncan replied (with edits by Chris Losinger):

Close, but no cigar. You get paid more by convincing someone taat it’s in their best interest to do so. Sounds like the same thing, but it’s actually quite different.

He explained this:

Typcially, benefit / worth alone isn’t enough to improve your compensation. Companies are always looking for value, without a doubt. However, just because you’re worth more doesn’t mean you’ll actually get it. On the contrary, they’re motivated to do just the opposite. If they can get your worth for 10 cents on the dollar, then that’s even more of a benefit to them. Consequently, that’s their mental starting point.

Without a doubt, if you’re worth more that gives you more bargaining power. However, in order to translate that into a personal benefit, you must still master the art of bargaining. Worth alone is only half the battle.  

 Duglas Troy gave an example:

Right, so what you’re saying here, if I’m understanding you … get pictures of someone in power that has lots and lots of money, and then explain why it’s in their best interest to pay you more.

Got it.

Ennis Ray Lynch, Jr. had a different idea:

Spend more money. It seems that rich people lead rich lives. Perhaps the effect is the cause? If you spend a few million monthly perhaps your income will balance?


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