Alliance Leicester Account Switching (Dis-)Service

al.gifMy ‘phone was cut off this weekend.

The Alliance & Leicester did it.

I recently switched my current account to Alliance & Leicester. For two reasons:

  • My old account doesn’t pay interest worth speaking about.
  • There is a £50 cash incentive for joining if you are referred by a friend.

One of the supposed incentives of switching accounts is that the A&L offer a Switching Service whereby they transfer all you Wages, Direct Debits and Standing Orders to the new account. Except that they don’t.

Somehow, TalkTalk (aka. Carphone Warehouse) stopped taking money from the old account, they didn’t start taking it from the new one. They emailed me to tell me my balance was overdue, but I don’t check emails as often as I could. So they cut me off.

Naturally, I (politely but firmly) made it clear to the A&L rep. that I was unimpressed. I asked to speak to his manager.

In fairness, a manager did call me back. He had the decency to pretend that he cared. He offered £10 as “a gesture of good will” to compensate me for all the mobile ‘phone calls I had made while my land-line was out of action. Not brilliant, but far better than nothing. It is worth complaining sometimes.

Of course, A&L blame the Carphone Warehouse, and they do have a point. Of course, Carephone Warehouse blame A&L, but they don’t have any point whatsoever. Personally, I don’t care who was to blame. If I were switching the accounts myself, I’d certainly check that the stitch was completed. As a customer of A&L I pay for a service. I did not receive it.

The moral? Don’t trust bank’s switching service. Double-check everything.


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