Poem: Dilapidated Rhythm (Another Brain-Storm)

This one is from 22nd May 1988. It is about my psychology at the time. I am pleased to say that things got better: emotionally, if not poetically.

The essential contraption
A zany machine,
Confusion attainment
The mind made serene;
In a negative process
The brain is revived,
In a crazy invention –
Explanation contrived.

In action conquested
The victor is grey,
The muddled intention
Of these games that we play;
These puzzles and quandaries
We deduce or remake,
In a ponderous riddle
I relearn my mistake.

The cognitive process
Reminds me of wheels,
Caged by analysis
Of just how it feels;
Understanding and intellect
Bar me from life,
And all that remains
Is my wrist and a knife.

Analyse and understand me!
Curious indeed!


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