Definition: Kaizen, I was reading the preface to the book “The Pragmatic Programmer”, and came across the word “Kaizen” for the first time.

You can find an extended version of this post on my new blog, Marks in the Sand.

Pronounced, supposedly, “kai” to rhyme with “bye” or “dry”, and “zen” to rhyme with “ten” or “pen”.

Kaizen (改善) is a Japanise word, meaning, “Contiuous, slow improvement”. The emphasis is on a never-ending progression of gradual improvement through makng small, low-cost changes for the better, day-after-day. It contrasts with the western once-and-for-all, all-or-nothing approach to fixing things.

I imagine that Kaizen would make a great lifestyle choice. “The Kaizen Way”, it would be called. Maybe I should write a book on it.

Speaking of books, I suppose I should buy the rest of the book, “The Pragmatic Programmer”. And then read it. And then act on it.

It is a shame they won’t just sell me just a paragraph a day. Now, that would be Kaizen.

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