How to Increase Blog Traffic

green-traffic-light.jpgIn the short time that All Wrong has been on air, I have begun to understand why some entries get more traffic than others. Here are a few rules on how to increase traffic on your blog.

Know Yourself

RULE 1: Know why you are blogging.

In my case, I am here to:

  1. De-clutter my head. I need somewhere to jot notes, diary entries, ideas etc. so that I don’t have to think about them anymore.
  2. De-clutter my hard-drive, my desk, my study etc. I need somewhere to put all those scraps of information where I can find them again.
  3. Share my thoughts with the world. Some of my jottings might just have value to others.
  4. Let my friends / family know what is going on in my life (or at least, in my head).

Of these, only (3) really matters in terms of hit-count.

Know Your Audience

RULE 2: Know who you are writing for.

I wish I knew.

I must admit, the idea that I have something of value to say is quite intoxicating. On the other hand, I really have very little idea who might find my musings interesting.

Access Methods

RULE 3: Consider how people will find your Blog.

What mechanisms will people use to find your site?

RULE 3.1: Tell people about it.

Great for attracting family and friends. Not so great for hit-count.

RULE 3.2: Make it findable using search tools.

Of course, this only works as long as people are looking for the things you are posting.

[There are a variety of tools out there to make this easier. I really should list them here. If you find any good ones, please let me know].

RULE 3.3: Be well connected. Have links from other sites.

Being well connected is a great asset to a blog. Getting connected can be hard work.

  • Participate on other sites, and include a link to your blog. This works particularly well if the sites you link from are thematically related to your blog.
  • Have people link to you just because they think you are interesting.

RULE 3.4 Once people visit, make them want to come back for more.

This is particularly likely if your blog has a theme. Unlike this one.


RULE 4: Say something new about things that people want to know about.

Content should be:

  1. Interesting. People won’t visit unless you have something to say.
  2. Topical. People won’t come unless they are looking for the kinds of articles you are posting.
  3. Unique. People will go elsewhere if they can find the same information elsewhere.
  4. Updated regularly. If you never post anything new, people will stop visiting.


RULE 5: Make your blog attractive to readers.

RULE 5.1: Use consistent layouts that make your blog easy to read and to navigate.

Fortunately, WordPress makes this relatively easy.

RULE 5.2: Employ a good writing style.

I personally hate reading that misuses language, is poorly spelled, badly punctuated, unstructured, or just plain dull.

RULE 5.3: Be polite.


RULE 5.4: Give your articles provocative, but meaningful titles.

Thus far, my most provocative title is “Sex Change for 78 Year Old?“. Of course, this is great for generating hits. Unfortunately, it does not tell the reader what to expect from the article. I expect most people are disappointed. This is not good for attracting re-visits.


RULE 6: Enjoy blogging.

If you don’t, your readers are unlikely to enjoy your blog.

Your comments are always appreciated.


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