My Pocket PC (Windows Mobile) Software

orange_m3100_pic.jpgI really wouldn’t want to be without my Orange M3500 (a re-branded HTC TYTN) – it goes everywhere with me. Of course, it is the software that I have installed on it that makes it useful. As of today, I have the following software installed on my device:

Today Screen Add-ins

One of the biggest limitations of small devices is their limited screen real-estate. This is particularly true on the Today screen, so we Windows Mobile users have to be very choosy about what we have loaded here.

As you will see, I am a bit of a fan of SBSH software. It really is superb, and the customer support I have received is second to none.

On my today screen I have:

This great little plug-in gives me instant access to the phone features of my device.

The main focus of this little application is to give me instant access to my main PIM data. Thankfully, it can also host other plug-ins as tabs.

This is primarily intended as an application launcher. I must admit I still tend to use the start button quite a bit instead.

The function I use most is the close button replacement / task manager. It replaces most of the functionality SPB Pocket Plus that I used to use on my old PDA. The upgrade price of Pocket Plus was rather high, however, so I switched to iLauncher instead. I have no regrets.

A great weather application. The down sides to this one are (1) that I don’t understand most of what it is telling me, and (2) that the advanced features are just too far over my head. That said, I wouldn’t be without the basic information, and it is nice to know that the application will continue to be of value when (if) my understanding deepens.

  • rotlaus Software rlToday (Freeware)

This is a free, customisable information panel for the today screen that features clock / calendar and general information. I loaded this application yesterday, and am still evaluating its usefulness to me.


I admit it -I can’t resist nice little utilities that help me to manage my device more effectively. Here are the ones I choose to keep installed:

A much better file manager than the built-in application, and free, too. Highly recommended.

All kinds of tweaks and utilities, all in one package.

I bought this as an upgrade from the previous version that I used extensively on my old device. It seems pretty good, although I must admit that with the M3500, I have not needed to restore from backup… yet.

  • PHM Registry Editor (Freeware)

This is a great little registry editor, the best I have found. Actually, I really rate all the PHM tools. I used to use them a lot on my previous Pocket PC. Sadly, the author does not seen to be updating them any more.

A little tool for editing file extension associations. Although SKTools can do the same thing, I found this tool somewhat more convenient on the odd occasion that I have used it.

  • Xrgomics TenGO (Commercial)

TenGo is an amazing alternative to the standard input panel for Windows Mobile / Pocket PC. I use this virtually daily. It is undoubtedly the best input method I have seed for these small devices. My Orange M3100 has a keyboard, but I actually find TenGO more convenient most of the time.

A tiny freeware tool to lock the phone at the press of a button.


Applications are what smartphones are really all about. At the moment, I have these installed:

This application was supplied with my old PDA. It is a simple database for keeping passwords, pin numbers, personal details and so on safe and secure. I don’t use it often, but when I do, it does what it does very well.

This one was also supplied with my previous PDA. It is a list organiser. Again, I don’t use it often, but it does work well when I need it.

  • FVC&&PB Metro (Freeware)

Handy maps of various public transport networks. I have not used it yet, but I was impressed when I played with it. You never know when something like this might come in handy.

A handy little drawing program with some nice features (think Microsoft Paint, but much better).

An Internet telephony solution. I must admit, I am yet to use it.

This is Microsoft’s e-book reading software. There are plenty of free and commercial books available in Reader format.

Adobe’s PDF reader for Windows Mobile. The “reflow” feature attempts to adjust documents intended for a larger screen so that they are readable on a PDA. It works well on some documents, poorly or not at all on others. Absolutely brilliant when it works, very frustrating when it does not.

This is an absolutely superb, free Bible for the Pocket PC. It supports various translations of the Bible, as well as a host of reference material. What is more, there is a grown-up desktop version, too. This is an absolute must have for anyone with any interest in the Bible.

A replacement for the built-in PIM, this has to be the most-used application on my PDA. It has so many features, I won’t even try to list them. Definitely worth the asking price – and then some.

An RSS reader. Previously commercial, now free. I can’t say I use it very often, but it does seem good.

A nice looking clock. I often use my M3100 as a desk clock, and this is currently my clock of choice.

According to the author, this program “combines the functions of a stopwatch with a lap timer, a set of 4 programmable timers, a clock with calendar display and up to 8 alarms, a convenient memo/voice reminder, and a flashlight”. It does a good job, too.

A little program for reading CHM help files. I bought it years ago for my old PDA, and used to use it a lot for reading e-books in CHM format. That just isn’t something I do these days, so I have not even tested it properly on my current device. When I did use it, I found that I actually preferred the simplicity of version 1 over the current version (2.0).

  • Pocket SharpMT 3.3 (Freeware)

A tool for posting Blog entries. Good enough for writing a quick draft while on the move, but only just. I do use it, but I am looking for something better.

  • TCPMP The Core Pocket Media Player (Freeware)

A capable little media player. Now a commercial application, but the freeware version is still available if you look for it.


Finally, games are what portable computers are really really all about! I recommend the following:

  • PocketNew DukWite (Freeware)
  • Mike Miller’s SuperDoku (Freeware)
  • Valentin Iliescu GemSwap (Freeware)
  • Namco Pac-Man

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