My Job Situation: You Don’t Have to be… but it Helps

Yes, I am applying for a job. No, it is not a different job. the moment I am (like everyone else employed by my employer) undergoing a Pay Review. The review was supposed to be finished in April, so any changes in pay will be back-dated until then. In the mean time, I do not know what I am actually paid at the moment.

As a result of the Pay Review, all re-gradings are currently on hold. This is unfortunate, as I believe that I am currently paid less than my worth. My manager agrees, but is unable to regrade me.

However, it is possible to move into another post at a higher grade than the one that I am on. Fortunately, a suitable vacancy has arisen. It is within my own team, and the person who left essentially did the same job as me.

Unfortunately, it is company policy not to appoint someone without going through the full recruitment process. The vacancy must be advertised. 

Now, the intention had been to slim down the team and delete this post. Instead, my manager sought permission to advertise this post internally. This was agreed, and the post was advertised. By an amazing coincidence, the job description matches my current repsonsibilities rather closely.

Essentially, I am applying to do the job that I already do.

Not surprisingly, I have been offered an interview.

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3 Responses to My Job Situation: You Don’t Have to be… but it Helps

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  2. it job says:

    My Job Situation: You Don’t Have to be… but it Helps

    Great post. Thanks!

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