Job Application: References

I have already written about the fact that I am applying for a post within my current team. Yesterday and today, I have been dealing with references.

It is company policy that one of the references for internal posts must be your the applicant’s current line manager. Yesterday my manager showed me a reference that he had written for me. It is policy that he discuss it for me before submitting it to my potential future employer. He did so. I think he has been quite generous.

In a couple of weeks time I will be interviewed by the manager responsible for the post I have applied for. Of course, that manager will have to review my references before the interview. But that manager is my present manager: he will be reviewing the reference that he wrote for me.

My other reference is my previous line manager. He sits two desks away from my current line manager. Unfortunately, they can’t just talk to each other about me: references need to be in writing. My previous line manager has showed me what he has written. He, too, has been rather generous.

Needless to say, I will be somewhat disappointed if I am not appointed to the new post on the basis of a poor reference.

I welcome your comments.


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