Perhaps if You Ignore Me…

On 27th May I emailed ChoicesUK to complain about their termination of a loyalty scheme just before we were due to receive our free bonus DVD rental. I am very disappointed to report that the company completely ignored my email complain.

All in all, it would have been better customer service if ChoicesUK had not published a customer support email address, rather than to ignore my complaint.  When a company does offer a means of contacting them, it is simply rude not to repond.

Perhaps ChoicesUK just want me to go away.

I will email this article, together with the original complaint, to ChoicesUK customer support.  I will report back here: if I receive a response.

Your comments are, as alway, most welcome.


4 Responses to Perhaps if You Ignore Me…

  1. adorableangel says:

    perhaps you hadn’t heard……

    they probably made the customer care staff redunant when they closed alot of stores

  2. kramii says:


    Thanks for the feedback. I had no idea that ChoicesUK were in trouble. That does explain things somewhat.

  3. adorableangel says:

    No worries. I feel sorry for these guys they closed my local store in Cradley Heath, the guys they were really friendly and always happy to help but apparently the company had been in trouble for a while and they were trying to cut all the loss making stores to try and turn the copany around.
    I wish them all the best, if it means shutting a few stores and losing a few people along the way then that has to be better than everyone losing there jobs!

  4. Hey! Well I am the managing director of one of their competitors and I don’t like how they have treated you. But I am not surprised. Ed – The Music Man

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