Penguin: Lost

peng.jpgSome while ago, we took my JB (my then 2-year-old son) to our local Vue cinema to see “Happy Feet“. It was his first trip to the movies. To remember the day, we bought him a promotional penguin soft toy from the kiosk.

The penguin quickly became JB’s favourite toys. He called it “Peng”, insisted it slept in his cot, fed it plastic food, made him dance, brushed its “teeth” and read it books.

A few weeks later, JB took the penguin out for a trip in the car. Sadly, Peng did not return. We guess the penguin was lost somewhere in our own street. I searched for the lost bird, but it could not be found.

JB kept asking for Peng. We said we would look for him.

I decided to try to obtain a replacement. After searching the web and ebay to no avail, I went back to the cinema where we obtained the original. Unfortunately, they had sold out long before. I wrote the the Vue head office.

After a few days, I received an email stating that they had just one penguin left. Then a package arrived containing the new Peng. Vue refused to let me pay for the new bird.

All credit to the Guest Services department at Vue Cinemas.

JB was very pleased to have Peng “back”.

Now, JB always insists that Peng is in his cot at night. He still feeds his penguin, makes him dance and makes me make him talk. JB makes me read them both stories, and I help them brush each other’s teeth.

For my part, I insist that Peng never leaves the house. This seems to keep us both happy.


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