How To: Travel Back in Time

A Simple Guide to Time Travel

  1. Visit an antiquarian book seller in Notting Hill, the one that has K.S.Dale’s marvelously quirky book, “Queer Engines: A History of Curious Contraptions”, in the window .
  2. Purchase said monograph.
  3. Following the instructions in this wonderful book, construct your time machine. You’ll find all the materials you need stashed in secret locations in the Notting Hill area.
  4. Use the time machine to visit times past. Have fun!
  5. It doesn’t take a great deal of imagination to make money from Time Travel (think betting shop).  Do this. Make a lot of money.
  6. Sometime in the past, write a book called “Curious Engines and Queer Contraptions”, which includes full details of how to build a time machine. Publish a single copy using you nom de plume K.S.Dale. At the same time, purchase the materials you need to build the time machine and hide them where you will find them later.

Would it be mercenary of me to ask for a percentage on any money you make, given that I’ve provided you with this simple guide?

Of course it would.

10% would be quite acceptable.


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